Blog Follower Appreciation Day

Fitness and prepping have been on my mind (and my blog!) as of late, but as a heads up: my primary passion is writing. This post is a “thank you” to my husband and to all of you, my blog followers. Writing is a life skill worth acquiring. I appreciate your following my amateurish, often cringe-worthy, attempts at expressing my thoughts.

Writing Update:

I posted the completed fourth draft of my novel to Scribophile. I hope that the changes made between the third and fourth draft have improved readability. I wait with baited breath for the feedback. I’m aware of its flaws and of my shortcomings as a writer, but given the feedback I’ve already received, the novel presents a powerful idea. I dream of seeing it in print. Pray for this intention!

Yay for Novels!

Dieting Update:
Weight Watches isn’t a “diet.” It’s a lifestyle. Having followed WW for a few months, I have sharper mental clarity, increased physical energy, and fewer low moods / mood swings. Truly, excessive food, junk, and soda consumption (diet or otherwise) dragged me down. Increased well-being from limiting (not eliminating) treats has made a difference that is more important than numbers on the scale. Feeling good is a powerful motivator in perseverance!

I’d be lying if I said I’m not thrilled with the weight loss. Deo Gratis!

A lifestyle change is an uphill climb but def worth it!

Prepping Update:
Recently, social media noisemakers have given a bad name to the prepping community. Preppers are paranoid and dangerous, they say. Preppers hold extreme views, they hide in bunkers wearing unwashed camo and tinfoil hats, they eat rodents and hoard weapons.

Those who spread rumors on social media need to get a life. Seriously, put down the phone and look around yourself. Prepping is done by reasonable people all over the political and social spectrum. “Mom preppers” secure food, water, toilet paper, and medications (like epi-pens) for “Aiden” and “Avery” in case of supply chain interruptions. That isn’t paranoia; it’s a parent’s job.

If we’ve learned anything from frozen power grids and pandemics, it’s that prepping is prudent, because situations can and do happen. Like fitness, prepping can be done gradually, as one’s budget and situation allow, but start now if you haven’t already.

To the social media rumor mongers: how have you not figured out that you can’t eat your upvotes in the event of a grid down situation? Don’t even THINK of asking a “mom prepper” for a meal. She’ll swing a frying pan at you rather than allow you access to “Aiden” and “Avery’s” mac’n’cheese and fruit cup supply. You won’t win against a “mom prepper,” you oh-so-brave keyboard warrior, you. Put down the phone, make like a grown up, and start prepping for yourself.

mess with the mama at your own risk. you have been warned.

Have a great weekend, and thanks again for following.

Published by jenniferedelmeyer

All passions cry out to be shared. Hence this blog. I hope you enjoy the gumbo pot of religion, writing, and science in addition to my fiction. I was an environmental engineer for twelve plus years. Even though I know very little about the environment and everything that affects it, I still know more than your average yahoo. When it comes to writing I'm an absolute noob. I need to write the fourth draft of my first novel and the second draft of my second. If you're a praying type, pray that my fiction gives readers some enjoyment and hopefully something to think about when they aren't too busy with their phones or their responsibilities. I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing, but I've got a husband and school age children. The best of myself has to go to them. Writing gets done in the time scraps that fall from the table. Rosaries get prayed when I've got my children trapped. At the end of all things, I hope to die like a good Catholic in the state of grace.

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