Plateau Party Pooper, Prepper Pantries, and Pilings


Anybody want some anecdotal evidence that upgrading one’s exercise routine can power a dieter past a plateau?  A person of my acquaintance started dieting around the time my own weight loss slowed.  At first, he dropped a great deal of weight, then the downward scale movement ground to a halt.  He was faithful to his diet, and would exercise daily, but still, no loss.

When the weather warmed, he started biking to work.  Lucky him, he has access to showering facilities at his job.  But it’s not easy.  Until he reaches an old railroad bed that has been converted to a walking/biking path, he zips through residential streets for much of his route.  I worry about him dodging traffic and breathing exhaust.  It’s 12-mile ride, so that makes 120 miles per week.  He returns home in the evenings, dripping sweat from a face drawn with exhaustion and a body trembling from effort.  But smoking off those extra pounds has made it worth his while, so he mounts his bike willingly.

My blog has been a graveyard lately, because I didn’t want to post until I’d dropped some more weight.  But the scale HAS NOT BUDGED.  Grrrr.  I’ve stayed at a twenty-five pound loss for the last few months.  Grrr Grrr Grrr.

Exercise, Schmexercise. Let’s just make like Apollo the Leopard Gecko and nap all day, what say you?

My problem is, I don’t want to shake up my exercise routine.  I like walking.  I plan to continue walking.  I walk year round.  I’ll don boots, my coat, and gloves, and pick my way over icy sidewalks where doggy paw prints and yellow ice pattern the snow on either side.  Low impact YouTube exercises for Women of a Certain Age did challenge my muscles in a much-needed way, but since I’m a SAHM, I don’t want another in-house activity.  I need fresh air.

It’s always encouraging to meet one’s friends when one is out walking. 🙂

Weight Watchers is invaluable to me, as it tells me what to eat and when to quit, and the tight point budget effectively eliminates junk foods.  Without a concrete plan, I’ll re-gain the weight.  I know WW recommends the omission of two points from one’s allowance after a twenty-five pound loss, but last time I tried that it made the feelings of deprivation overwhelming. I admit, I’m feeling the pinch of this diet and I don’t want further pinching.  But at least I’ve found an eating plan that’s sustainable over the long haul, and I’ve kept the weight off.  I’m not where I want to be, but I’ll be thankful for solid progress.

Likely the points are less of a road block than the exercise thing.  Now to psych myself up to into doing both.


Round Four of my novel is getting savaged on Scribophile, but so what, it’s what I signed up for.  Who was it who said writers swing between masochism and megalomania?  Should I reference the author from iWriterly who warned aspiring novelists to expect to be sick of their manuscript while it undergoes the necessary re-writes before it’s fit to publish?  Besides, our four-person team seems to work well together, and each team member gives great insights.

In addition to struggling with diet progress, I’m also struggling with my life of faith.  Not that faith is a means and readable fiction the end, but when the pilings of faith underneath my psyche get wobbly I get writer’s block. Without faith I cannot write anything that isn’t some hideous cynicism, even if what I write isn’t usually religious.  Bible fanfiction is so cringe. At least mine is, ha.  I’m sure this is normal for writers, persons of faith, and people like me who live in the overlap of both worlds.  This too shall pass.  I hope.


Just two brief pointers.

First, strive to achieve your diet and physical fitness goals.  A warehouse of hoarded preps won’t help much if the only non-sedentary parts of your anatomy are your texting fingers.  I’m going to expand my walking route; what are you going to do?

Second, brainstorm how you can mitigate the damage the current wave of inflation will have on your pocketbook.  I’m not a financial planner, but I thought I’d share what I do, even if it’s only a little thing.  Small things are all most of us can do. 

Since spring, our family’s grocery bill has jumped 20% to 25% despite my consistent spending patterns.  Here’s a bit of housewifely advice:  if your favorite non-perishable food item is on sale, and if your budget allows, then grab two instead of one.  This means:  one to eat and one to store in your pantry.    Two cans of beans for $1 each are better than one can at $1 now and another can at $1.25 later.

If you’re feeling particularly magnanimous, grab three:  one to eat, one to store, and one to donate.  The poor you will always have with you (Mt 26:11).  Since this isn’t the zombie apocalypse (at least not yet, ha), but an adverse economic situation, let’s share while the sharing is good.  Build up your pantry while the building up is good.  I mean, you never know, right?

Do this for non-edible household items as well.

For food items, double check the expiration date.  Don’t buy it if your family won’t consume it before it expires.  Rotate the food through your pantry so you replace what you consume rather than just push the older stuff towards the back.  And don’t think of yourself as greedy.  Don’t apologize for doing this.  You’re being responsible.  I’m not telling anyone to hoard more than his share and leave the rest of the community to starve.  While there’s still an abundance, buy two or three instead of one.

Lucky you if you know how to preserve your garden produce.  Heretofore I’ve avoided gardening after the neighbors complained of deer and bunnies eating their veggies and robins eating their raspberries.  Anybody know how to shoo the birdies away? 

I did plant a raspberry and a blackberry plant and I hope they leave some for us! 

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All passions cry out to be shared. Hence this blog. I hope you enjoy the gumbo pot of religion, writing, and science in addition to my fiction. I was an environmental engineer for twelve plus years. Even though I know very little about the environment and everything that affects it, I still know more than your average yahoo. When it comes to writing I'm an absolute noob. I need to write the fourth draft of my first novel and the second draft of my second. If you're a praying type, pray that my fiction gives readers some enjoyment and hopefully something to think about when they aren't too busy with their phones or their responsibilities. I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing, but I've got a husband and school age children. The best of myself has to go to them. Writing gets done in the time scraps that fall from the table. Rosaries get prayed when I've got my children trapped. At the end of all things, I hope to die like a good Catholic in the state of grace.

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