Let your Freak Right to Dry Flag Flap in the Wind and Fly

I love my clothesline. Maybe I don’t have enough to think about, but when it came to my attention that the neighborhood homeowners association forbade visible clotheslines, I put one up for my family.  Maybe that means I’m not a nice person.  Maybe not being a nice person will make my fiction extra interesting.  It’sContinue reading “Let your Freak Right to Dry Flag Flap in the Wind and Fly”

Morning Pages, Morning Meditations, and the Hullabaloo in My Head

Who out there has read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way?  Who out there has done the entire assignment set?  For those unfamiliar, her first assignment is what she calls “Morning Pages.”  Aspiring artists (not just writers) are to fill three pages daily with the thoughts in their heads.  Anything, anything at all, is fodder forContinue reading “Morning Pages, Morning Meditations, and the Hullabaloo in My Head”

Happy Mother’s Day from Mother Nature to Mom

Mother’s Day means my ever-accommodating husband stood ready to make the day special, so Mom requested a family walk.  My children had their own plans… one wanted scooters, one wanted bicycles, then they didn’t want wheels but to follow the footpaths through the woods.  Eventually we found a solution and off we went. Instead ofContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day from Mother Nature to Mom”

Hope for Amateur Novelists

So you want to be a novelist, do you? I began my “serious” writing journey in late 2014. Back then, the path was exciting. Exhilarating, even. Imagining the scenes in my novel, and then typing them out at night after my tykes had gone to bed, brought a satisfaction that few other things had. WhatContinue reading “Hope for Amateur Novelists”

When I realized motherhood was for real.

What defines motherhood or any true calling from God, or vocation, is that once a commitment is made, your life is no longer about you.  More experienced vocationeers surely remember that burst of astonished horror at finding themselves clutching the cliff’s edge with scrabbling fingers, feet dangling over a bottomless pit where spoiled brats free-fall,Continue reading “When I realized motherhood was for real.”

Avoiding Food Waste and Austerity Traps

So I read an email from an environmental listserv about the quantities of food wasted in the U.S.. My first response? “Not me! I don’t waste food!” Here’s an official information source on food waste: https://www.usda.gov/foodwaste/faqs Whatever way you count it, it’s a lot of wasted food. People who shop for groceries know that foodContinue reading “Avoiding Food Waste and Austerity Traps”

Maybe I’d better find a new hobby

“Fools take no delight in understanding, but only in displaying what they think.” Proverbs 18:2 Yesterday, I read a highly critical review of the NAB from which that quote is taken.   You, dear reader, may not be into the scriptures.  If you’re a wordsmith, then you’ll be fascinated by how this one idea, penned longContinue reading “Maybe I’d better find a new hobby”

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