Why GreenWeenieAuthor?

You’ve got to admit “Green Weenie” has a nice ring to it. I wanted to start a Green Weenie blog because I am concerned about the environment, and also because for my mid-life project I’d like to grow in confidence, assertiveness, and what have you. That will reduce manifestations of backstabbing, passive-aggression, and other lessContinue reading “Why GreenWeenieAuthor?”

An Erstwhile Enginerd turned Housewife Muses on Household Garbage

I cringe at what gets carted off by the big green truck every Tuesday. Partly because the contents of our bin are cringe-worthy in and of themselves, but mostly because this stuff won’t biodegrade. Or if it does, it’ll turn into a toxic puddle that won’t make little critters healthy, wealthy, and wise. Just aboutContinue reading “An Erstwhile Enginerd turned Housewife Muses on Household Garbage”

Ideas, like Water, have been used Countless Times Before

My mother used to stuff our bookcase in the hopes that we’d start self-educating from a young age.  In addition to the religious propaganda and encyclopedias, I happened upon a book about science geared towards children. One idea I found fascinating as a young’un was that water has been used countless times before.  You know,Continue reading “Ideas, like Water, have been used Countless Times Before”

Story Structure: The Witch of Blackbird Pond

    Multiple guffaws have been guffawed over amateur writers blogging and telling other amateur writers how to get ‘er done. But as fools rush in where angels fear to tread, here I go. I’ve read multiple craft books, but what made all I’d learned coalesce into an a-ha moment was a series of podcastsContinue reading “Story Structure: The Witch of Blackbird Pond”

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