Happy Easter to You All

Writing “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” G.K. Chesterton My novel (fourth draft) has been reviewed, and (sigh) it still needs lots of work.  (sigh again)  Multiple rewrites are par for the course for professional writers, so I can’t expect anything less.  I’m an engineer by profession, not a writer,Continue reading “Happy Easter to You All”

My Diet Plan Got Religion – Prepping for Success

A prepper should be mean and lean, right? If the SHTF and you must “bug out” on foot, could you do it? Or, consider a more plausible situation:  If your car breaks down and you’re out of cell phone range, could you walk ten miles to get help?  If someone kicks in your front doorContinue reading “My Diet Plan Got Religion – Prepping for Success”

Taking their World for It

Who remembers a teacher asking him to name the planets in the solar system, starting from the sun outward?  Chances are, you included in your lineup a ball of gas named Saturn, which is distinguished by its rings. But have you ever seen it? Maybe you’ve seen artists’ renditions of far-off planets.  Maybe you’ve seenContinue reading “Taking their World for It”

Raining and Snowing on My Writing Parade

Dear Fellow Writers, What do you want your words to do? Entertain? Inform? Persuade? Level sarcasm? Bludgeon? Make money? Gain attention? Prove how clever and erudite you are? Lead your readers over a cliff like so many lemmings? Provide catharsis? Or do you simply love spinning stories and find it fulfilling when others enjoy them?Continue reading “Raining and Snowing on My Writing Parade”

Careful, Or You’ll End Up In My Novel

Behold, my most comfy t-shirt: Some Famous Person wrote that writers do what they do for revenge and not money.  My fortysomething brain can’t remember who wrote that.  Poor witty person, what’s the point of being famous if people don’t connect you to your pithy cleverness?  Anyway, while I would posit that while writers doContinue reading “Careful, Or You’ll End Up In My Novel”

Let your Freak Right to Dry Flag Flap in the Wind and Fly

I love my clothesline. Maybe I don’t have enough to think about, but when it came to my attention that the neighborhood homeowners association forbade visible clotheslines, I put one up for my family.  Maybe that means I’m not a nice person.  Maybe not being a nice person will make my fiction extra interesting.  It’sContinue reading “Let your Freak Right to Dry Flag Flap in the Wind and Fly”

Morning Pages, Morning Meditations, and the Hullabaloo in My Head

Who out there has read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way?  Who out there has done the entire assignment set?  For those unfamiliar, her first assignment is what she calls “Morning Pages.”  Aspiring artists (not just writers) are to fill three pages daily with the thoughts in their heads.  Anything, anything at all, is fodder forContinue reading “Morning Pages, Morning Meditations, and the Hullabaloo in My Head”

Happy Mother’s Day from Mother Nature to Mom

Mother’s Day means my ever-accommodating husband stood ready to make the day special, so Mom requested a family walk.  My children had their own plans… one wanted scooters, one wanted bicycles, then they didn’t want wheels but to follow the footpaths through the woods.  Eventually we found a solution and off we went. Instead ofContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day from Mother Nature to Mom”

When I realized motherhood was for real.

What defines motherhood or any true calling from God, or vocation, is that once a commitment is made, your life is no longer about you.  More experienced vocationeers surely remember that burst of astonished horror at finding themselves clutching the cliff’s edge with scrabbling fingers, feet dangling over a bottomless pit where spoiled brats free-fall,Continue reading “When I realized motherhood was for real.”

Avoiding Food Waste and Austerity Traps

So I read an email from an environmental listserv about the quantities of food wasted in the U.S.. My first response? “Not me! I don’t waste food!” Here’s an official information source on food waste: https://www.usda.gov/foodwaste/faqs Whatever way you count it, it’s a lot of wasted food. People who shop for groceries know that foodContinue reading “Avoiding Food Waste and Austerity Traps”

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