Taking their World for It

Who remembers a teacher asking him to name the planets in the solar system, starting from the sun outward?  Chances are, you included in your lineup a ball of gas named Saturn, which is distinguished by its rings. But have you ever seen it? Maybe you’ve seen artists’ renditions of far-off planets.  Maybe you’ve seenContinue reading “Taking their World for It”

Dystopian Worldbuilding and Industrial Facilities

On a normal day of operation at your friendly neighborhood industrial facility or oil refinery, thousands of pounds of toxic and/or flammable materials are shooting through hot pipes, swirling about in vessels, and reacting under tightly controlled conditions into desirable products. As a (retired) chemical engineer, I’ve worn my steel-toed boots thin in many suchContinue reading “Dystopian Worldbuilding and Industrial Facilities”

Let your Freak Right to Dry Flag Flap in the Wind and Fly

I love my clothesline. Maybe I don’t have enough to think about, but when it came to my attention that the neighborhood homeowners association forbade visible clotheslines, I put one up for my family.  Maybe that means I’m not a nice person.  Maybe not being a nice person will make my fiction extra interesting.  It’sContinue reading “Let your Freak Right to Dry Flag Flap in the Wind and Fly”

Happy Mother’s Day from Mother Nature to Mom

Mother’s Day means my ever-accommodating husband stood ready to make the day special, so Mom requested a family walk.  My children had their own plans… one wanted scooters, one wanted bicycles, then they didn’t want wheels but to follow the footpaths through the woods.  Eventually we found a solution and off we went. Instead ofContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day from Mother Nature to Mom”

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